Superfunction Smart Glass
Superfunction Smart Glass
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Superfunction Smart Glass (self-cleaning and energy saving glass) is developed by depositing
low-E and phtocatalyst films on the glass surface. It can give the building with a cleaning, and bacteria-free exterior, and refresh the polluted air in the ambient. In addition, it can stop off at least 99% UV light, and reduce the solar energy transmitted into interiors. Economic saving from reducing air conditioning and building cleaing is significant.


1. Excellent solar control combined with good light transmission.
2. Energy saving and carbon dioxide reduction fitting green requirements.
3. Decomposing organic contamination by daylight and washing away the residues on the surface by rain.
4. No fog, no water stains formed on the glass keeping clear vision in rainy days.
5. High strength and impact resistance.
6. Natural color image reflected from surroundings.

Suparfunction smart glass test

Superfunction smart glass has hydrophilic properties, meaning that rain flows down the windows as a sheet, washing away the dirt instead of, as with ordinary float glasses, leaving the dirt behind.