Yellow Glass
Yellow Glass
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In view of the soft and flammability of yellow plastic panels, Yellow Glass has been developed for the windows and doors of lithography rooms. Its usage is intended to avoid the unwanted exposure of photoresist by ambient light during the lithographic processing. This product is produced by using a special coloration method to color the subsurface. The layer is as hard as the glass itself. It is stable, unburnable, and could cut off the UV light. Moreover, it could possess the antistatic function to fulfill the requirements of high-class clean rooms.
CHEN WEI MIAO IND. CO. LTD. has the following types of yellow glass (according to customer demand). They have been widely used in yellow-light lithography clean rooms in Taiwan and foreign countries.
Laminated glass Tempered and laminated glass
Wire glass laminated with
tempered glass
Insulation glass