Tempered Glass
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UV Glass is produced by coating a thin film of UV resistant substance on the glass surface and laminating with a clear glass. It can filter away at least 99% ultraviolet rays. It thus can protect furniture, paintings, precious culture relics avoiding the color fading and keep them in good preservation. In addition, UV Glass gives neutral light in transmission and reflection. It does not alter the natural hue of surroundings. Tinted glass could be used for UV Glass coating if solar light needs to be controlled.

ULIA UV Glass (3mm+3mm) performance table
Visible light transmittance UV transmittance
~85% < 1%
(1) (2) (3)
(1) The background value of UV = 10μW/cm2
(2) UV meter under the sun = 145μW/cm2
(3) UV meter covered by UV glass = 11μW/cm2
Transmittance of ULIA UV glass = (11-10 )/ (145-10)= 0.7%