Anti-Glare Glass
Anti-Glare Glass
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ULIA AG Glass has multifunction including anti-glare, anti-reflection, anti-fingerprint, no-color-change, and excellent scratch resistance and impact resistance.

ULIA AG Glass is a state-of-the-art glass best for protecting LCDs, touch panels, paintings, advertisings, and posters.

Anti-glare and anti-reflection
Through special surface texture processing, AG Glass is capable of blurring background image (anti-glare) as well as reducing reflectivity (anti-reflection) while giving the highest transparency. Such merits are invariant even at large view angles. In contrast, AR Glass or film reduces reflectivity only at smaller view angles and has no anti-glare function.

Fingerprint in AG Glass surface is not easy to form and see due to its special surface texture which can resist the full contact of fingers and blur the image of residual fingerprint. In contrast, AR Glass or film has smooth surface which is prone to receive fingerprint and generate iridescent and unpleasing reflection.

No color change
AG Glass on screens or pictures can enhance the contrast of image and maintain the original color. But AR glass has a light yellow color which might give a small color or hue change.

Scratch resistance and impact resistance
All AG glasses are tempered to have high hardness and strength, and thus can resist scratch (pencil hardness >6) and impact force. In contrast, untempered AR glass or film is weaker in protecting LCD screens or paintings.

Comparison of ULIA AG glass, AG film, AR glass and AR film
  Anti-glare Anti-reflection Anti-fingerprint Anti-Color change Scratch resistance Impact
AG glass O O O O O O
AG film O O O X
AR glass X O X O Tempered O Untempered△
AR film X O X X
O:excellent △:medium X:poor
AG clear glass on LCD screen having no interference by window image Ordinary clear glass on LCD screen having windows image interference